Our Services

As a medium sized multi-disciplinary Consultancy, we provide a number of key services that together have a wide degree of crossover within the development industry.  The key driver for this was to be able to provide more competitive prices to Clients by bringing together a wider array of services under one roof.

As the Company has grown we have developed services that mesh fluidly together and have developed our staff to have knowledge and skill over a variety of services, not just having a single asset for a single task.

This allows us to minimise mobilisations, staff required onsite and bring normally sub-contracted elements in-house. This equates to minimisation of not only cost, but cross company complexity, competition and politics.

Our Key Services

  • Geoenvironmental Consultancy
  • Geotechnical Consultancy
  • Ecological Consultancy
  • Arboricultural Consultancy
  • Invasive Species Consultancy
  • Soakage or Infiltration to BRE365 Testing
  • Marine Near-shore Drilling
  • Investigation to ICE Specification
  • Remediation
  • Validation
  • Aerial Drone Photography and Mapping