Tree Surveys

A Tree Survey and Aboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) may be required as part of a planning application relating to a site that is close to, or contains, trees. Geosphere Environmental (GEL) can provide an appraisal of the pre-construction conditions on the site, including an assessment of tree quality in accordance with British Standard BS5837:2012 (2005).

The AIA provides an assessment of tree health and value, and details the potential impact a construction project may have on the surrounding trees, as well as the potential impact the trees could have on the finished structure.

GEL can provide the following arboricultural services:

  • Preliminary Tree Survey and AIA to BS5837:2012
  • Finalised AIA (once the final development plan is known)
  • Tree Constraints Plans
  • Tree Removal and Retention Plans
  • Tree Protection Plans
  • Site Specific Construction Method Statement
  • Site Supervision during Construction
  • Guidance on mitigation for tree removal and recommended planting specification
  • Arboricultural Management Plans to maximise the safe useful life expectancy of retained trees.